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This is good. I’m still having major anxiety about my new old job (I worked there before). It’s a golf course landscaping company. It consists of me waking up at 5:30 and driving for a while to different places almost every day and working until 4 or 5. I’m fine with the work and the hours it’s just the ever changing locations that really freak me out. I can never get comfortable and I always feel really vulnerable. The pay is awesome, but I’m trying to find another job already to replace this one. I’m sorry, I’m complaining I know. But I’m just really stressed out and anxious. More than I’ve been in a long time.



The Grand Budapest Hotel


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I can not get over this film. I’m legitimately thinking of seeing it again…



I really hate not posting things, so I posted this??? Anwyays, this comic will be printed in As You Were #3 curated by Mitch Clem! You’d better check it out because it’s awesome! You can find a recent kind of rudimentary page for As You Were here so yeah check it out! I’ll make a post when this issue comes out as well. But these are great and have lots of cool folks involved so you should check ‘em out and yep

I’ll admit when I first wrote this I was really worried it was too similar to a lot of comics I’ve found on tumblr, but then also it’s one of those things that happens to so many people so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is super rad

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judge a person by who they want on the iron throne

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